It’s a style Catch 22: The „airport outfit” has to be comfortable enough for sitting on a plane for at least several hours (in terms of climate control and soft-stretchiness), but also pulled-together enough that you can deplane at your destination ready to hit the ground running. We handpicked 8 go-to pieces any frequent flyer—or occasional jetsetter—needs in her repertoire.

Chic Black Leggings
Stretchy black pants could be your travel MVP, with dress-them-up/dress-them-down adaptability, streamlined good looks, and all the coziness of your treasured sweats. These have a stylish zipper accent at the ankles.

Zara Paperbag Waist Bermuda Shorts
Comfort is key when traveling, but you also want to look good getting on the plane and getting off it. Flowy mid-thigh shorts (note: not short-shorts) in soft, breathable cotton will do the trick nicely.

Oversized Tote
Maximize the baggage you’re allowed to bring onboard for free: Choose a generously sized satchel to fit whatever you’ll want on-hand during your flight (book, music, scarf, magazines, iPad…).